A few reminders about some new TEMPORARY changes and protocols regarding your upcoming appointment per the State of Michigan:

Please call the salon upon your arrival and stay in your car until your service provider comes to get you.
Please wear a mask. We know, they're not the greatest things but we will be wearing ours too. So, let's have fun and snag a selfie together. 😁
Hand sanitizer is available at every station and front desk. Please remember to grab a squirt or two when entering the salon.
Stations are 6ft apart, along with our dryer chairs.
Our beverage area is still available but self service is not. So don't be shy when we ask if you'd like something to drink. 😉
We can only accommodate one person per your appointment time. This means no friends, family or children can hang out with you. Don't worry, we think we're pretty entertaining and can keep you occupied. 😎
If you are experiencing any type of flu like symptoms or suspect you may have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.
Magazines for general public use are a no-no right now, so feel free to bring your own reading material.
Bathrooms are open and being cleaned every 30 minutes.
Like always, the Trilogy Tribe will be sanitizing between every appointment and use of communal areas.
Last but not least, we are so grateful for your patience and loyalty through this historical time. Our community has faced more than just illness and yet the outpouring of help and positivity has been overwhelming. We can't thank you enough and can't wait to see you all soon!